Website design

We specialise in designing and building websites using WordPress and the Divi theme. This is an industry standard that allows future proofed sites that can be fully controlled by the client themselves. We aim to hand over the completed website build to the client so they can continue to log into the back-end of site and keep their own content up-to-date. Clients then only need to use us to make any major structural updates to the website and can keep control of their websites content.

We aim to offer a website design service that sits between the large scale pre-built template sites such as Squarespace and Wix which charge a higher hosting charge long term.  And the fully bespoke website design services offered by other web design companies, which is often a very expensive upfont payment option. We effectively build a templated website for you which we then hand over to you to just make simple updates to.

This results in a cheaper more cost effective way of getting an online presence, without the steep learning curve needed to achieve the required professional look using one of the templated website services. Plus your site is future proofed, as you own the site, it’s contents and are free to move it, or upgrade it as and when you require which isn’t an option with either Wix or Squarespace.

Sound like an interesting alternative? Then take a look at some of the examples below that have been built using this method.

Penn Hill Dental

Website design & build

Indigo Campers

Website design & build

Berrybutton Designs

Updateable responsive website design