Logo Design Poole – Logo Gallery

Logo design in Poole, Dorset. Get a logo design you love from Graphfix, run by a professional graphic designer. Graphfix based in Poole has been designing and creating logo designs for businesses for over 20 years. Many of the logo’s designed by Graphfix can been seen used and on display in local businesses in and around Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. The logo design gallery has been created here so you can view some of the past logo designs created. Here is a selection of logo designs which was created for you view all the logos in one place.

As you can see there are sometimes multiples of a company logo design. Here you can see the different designs that were presented to the customer as possible logo design options. These designs were sometimes used or discarded depending on the customers choice. The discarded options have still been included in the logo design gallery, as the  designs still give you a good indication of design skills and capability.

Inspiration for a logo design can come from anywhere. Sometimes clients have an object that they feel would give an inspiration for a good logo. The advantage is using a graphic designer is that it allows the client to collate ideas from any source and present them to the designer. A good graphic designer can interpret the clients wants and needs and convert them into a usable logo design.