Logo Draw or Redrawing service in Dorset from £40

Logo Drawing Service

If you have a clear idea of what you’d like your new logo to look like, or if you have designed your own perfect logo and created a sketch but can’t create the file in the required digital format, then you need our logo drawing service. We can take a hand drawn sketch and create it as a digital image file and export it in all the necessary digital image formats you need for your website, printed literature or social media sites.


Logo Draw service in Dorset
Logo redraw in Dorset


Logo Redrawing Service

If you already have an existing Logo design that is in use and established but that over time has been lost, or degraded then you need our logo redraw service. If you need a digital image file for your website, printed literature or social media sites we can redraw the logo and export it for you in all the required digital image formats, including; jpeg, gif. png, ai, & eps.

Logo Refresh Service

You may have an established logo that has served you well but over time has become a little tired and outdated. But you don’t want your organization to be perceived as out-of touch with the modern best practices. If you don’t want to completely rebrand but would like your visual identity brought up-to-date with the latest tastes and trends then consider having your logo refreshed. This enables your existing clients to still recognise your brand identity, whilst allowing you to perform to your full potential in the current visual climate. Refreshing your logo is a less dramatic approach to a complete redesign, more like a logo makeover. Just modernizing the typography and font on a logo can make a huge difference and can be a very cost effective solution to an outdated looking logo.


Logo refresh service in Dorset