Be Beautiful Hairdressing Website

Website created for Mobile Hairdressers in Dorset

Natalie from Verwood in Dorset contacted Graphfix as she needed to rapidly get a website up and running as the lockdown restrictions were easing and there would soon be a lot of demand for her skills. Natalie has been a hairdresser for over 15 years working within the Dorset area. To fit in with personal commitments & her young family, Natalie had decided to take the plunge and begin working as mobile hairdresser. Covering the Verwood, Ferndown, Wimborne and Westmoors areas of Dorset, Natalie needed a website to showcase some of her work and for new clients to find her contact details.

As she had already been using the Be Beautiful name we researched and sought out what domain names were still available for the Be Beautiful brand, we found a few possible options. Be beautiful hairdressing was the chosen domain name. Natalie already had in use a business card and leaflet design, so taking some design elements from these, along with the colour palette used, the following website design was created.

The site has been created in WordPress and uses the Divi theme. It also includes links to the Be Beautiful Hairdressing Instagram page, and direct WhatsApp and SMS messaging links so clients can contact to book using their preferred method.

Project Specification Details

Domain registration, Website hosting, Website creation, WordPress website, Divi theme website, WhatsApp link, SMS link