Honeybrook Farm

website layout design created for Honeybrook Farm, Wimborne, Dorset

Website layout design created for custom WordPress theme

Claire from Honeybrook Farm wasn’t happy with the current Honeybrook Farm website as although it was a lovely design was a flat graphic so couldn’t be updated by them and Google couldn’t read or index any of the sites content. The graphics also made the business look like a child’s ball pit or play park rather than a working farm which was open to visitors.

After visiting the farm and seeing the farm on a working day I came up with this layout design, incorporating the feel of the place and their logo which was presented throughout the farm on blackboards outlining various timed events to visitor.

They were over the moon with the layout design and thought it gave a perfect first impression to perspective visitors so they’d know what Honeybrook Farm was all about, a working farm that was also open to visitors and not a theme park as some visitors had been lead to believe in the past.

Project Specification Details

Website layout design, Responsive website, Graphic design