Image Retouching or Photoshopping service in Dorset

We provide an image manipulation, image correction or ‘photoshopping’ service in Dorset. We use Adobe Photoshop from our graphic design studio. With 20+ years experience of creating graphics and website design, image manipulation skills have been required on many occasions. Sometimes a photo that a client wanted to use on their website or print literature wasn’t quite up to standard. Or sometimes the image had  a blemish of some kind that needed editing or removing. Many times very little time was required to completely transform a once almost unusable photo into a great company asset.

A good example of this, was that of an outside shot that was taken on a dull or overcast day. The weather in an outside shot can completely transform a photo. It is generally a simple and straightforward process to add a blue sky and manipulate the photo’s lighting. Doing this makes it appear to have been was taken on a gloriously sunny day rather than an overcast day. This can completely transform and lift the look of an image. This process is used a lot by estate agents to show houses and buildings in the best possible light.

Prices can start at as little as £40 per image, depending on the requirements. Please contact Graphfix with details of your requirements for an estimate.

Image formats generally need to be high resolution for best results. We can accept image formats; jpeg, png, gif or tiff, but again please contact Graphfix if you have any other requests.

Restore a logo, redraw or Convert a Bitmap into a Vector Graphic

We can convert a grainy bitmapped version of a logo back into a crisp vector graphic. Many times a customer has either lost contact with their original graphic designer, or was only provided with a bitmap (jpeg/gif) version of their logo which over time has lost its crispness and clarity. Many times a customer doesn’t want to completely redesign their existing logo but only has a poor quality copy which has become lost or unusable. We can redraw the existing logo and provide you with a vector version (ai/eps) which restores the logo back to it’s full quality and usefulness.