Wimborne Cemetery

Karen from Wimborne Cemetery requested a new website to be designed, during the project discussion it was decided that a logo would also be useful asset. It was considered perfect timing for this as along with the new website they also needed some new stationery.

Once the new logo was approved it was rolled out to produce the attached A4 letterheaded paper, business cards and compliment slips. Karen requested that the finalised files for the paper and compliments slip be inserted into MS Word so they could be printed in-house as and when needed.

John Owen

John is local handyman working in building and property maintenance in the Broadstone area of Dorset. He needed to have some business cards designed along with a logo to represent his business. Once the logo was designed and approved the business card design was created and the files uploaded to an online printing company so John can order additional cards as and when he needs them.

Tuck-in 2

Tuck-in 2 is a new mobile catering business working throughout Dorset and the surrounding area. Fergus had a clear idea of what he’d like for the logo and drew a sketch for me to work from. From his original sketch I created the graphic and refined it until Fergus was happy with it. From the finalised logo the business cards and stationery files were created.

Purbeck Footprints

Julian a local wildlife photographer working in the Purbecks of Dorset needed a website to showcase his stunning wildlife photography and to sell his printed products. In order to complete this project a logo was needed to use on the new website and across all the printed materials produced by Julian which includes greeting cards, calendars and prints. We discussed his photography and the diversity of the wildlife of the Purbecks. This is the finalised logo which was supplied to Julian in various digital formats for storage and future use.

Riverside Aromatics

Jack from Riverside Aromatics came to us to request a new logo design for their established successful business in supplying raw materials to the flavour industry. The logo needed to look professional, clean, pragmatic and modern with an intelligent twist that represented the flavour industry in some way. This is the finalised logo design that was created and supplied for their product packaging.