Berrybutton Designs

Tracey and Ali create beautiful handcrafted mosaic art based in Ferndown, Dorset. They needed a website which was affordable for a new business start-up, they had already asked for quotes for an e-commerce site from various other website design companies but found them all too expensive for their budget. I discussed with them their requirements and it became apparent they were already selling successfully online via their existing Etsy site. However they felt they required a stand alone website to promote their company and to also give customers the ability to request unique bespoke designs. They also attend various craft fayres and events around Dorset & Wiltshire so wanted to promote that on their site. This is the site created which is designed to be in keeping with their existing design look and feel. It has all their requested capabilities and has been delivered within their budget.

Image Life Casting

Anthony from Image Life Casting asked us to design and build him a responsive website design to show case his life casting skills and services online. Based in Wimborne, Dorset they create life casting taken from live models to create unique sculptures which capture a moment in time. Creating three dimensional portraits which are works of art that will become a timeless record from their studio in Stone Lane, Wimborne the website show cases the process which takes place to produce the final result. The website also has a gallery of images which shows online a selection of finished sculptures already created to give the viewer an idea of what can be produced.

The website design has been kept to a monochrome palette which is in keeping with the sculptures and a classical studio feel to the overall design. The logo was also designed by Graphfix which was to emulate a human handwritten feel to the logo along with curves that are picked up from the human body so also in keeping with the sculptures.

Honeybrook Farm

Claire from Honeybrook Farm wasn’t happy with the current Honeybrook Farm website as although it was a lovely design was a flat graphic so couldn’t be updated by them and Google couldn’t read or index any of the sites content. The graphics also made the business look like a child’s ball pit or play park rather than a working farm which was open to visitors.

After visiting the farm and seeing the farm on a working day I came up with this layout design, incorporating the feel of the place and their logo which was presented throughout the farm on blackboards outlining various timed events to visitor.

They were over the moon with the layout design and thought it gave a perfect first impression to perspective visitors so they’d know what Honeybrook Farm was all about, a working farm that was also open to visitors and not a theme park as some visitors had been lead to believe in the past.

Studio 163 Logo Design

Lauren from Studio 163 a new business which will be based in Dorset asked if I could design her a logo. Lauren had already done extensive research into her business area and had a good idea of what she required for her logo design. We met up to discuss her requirements and Lauren presented me with various ideas. Here is the finalised logo design which we created from our collaboration.

Glenda helps out Graphfix with Facebook Presence

In order to improve my online marketing on social media I recently attended the ‘Power up your social media’ course run by Dorset Growth Hub held at Merley house in Wimborne.  A great training course was given by Andrew Knowles from the Dorset Growth Hub. During the course I had the luck and pleasure of meeting Glenda from Precious Memories – Keepsakes.

Glenda setup Precious Memories – keepsakes 15 years ago so she could work from home and get the perfect work life balance with her family when she become a Mum. Glenda explained that she had worked in the past in teaching and marketing roles but had decided to setup her own business so she could work around her home life responsibilities. Whilst getting to know Glenda it soon became apparent to me that Glenda knew her stuff when it came to Facebook. So when Glenda offered to help me out with my Facebook business page I jumped at the chance. It was really kind of Glenda to offer to meet up with me at my studio in Broadstone to run through some tips and techniques.


Glenda came over to visit my studio from where I do all my graphic and website design work. It’s a wooden cabin in our garden but it’s also my studio and a great place to work . It’s separate from the house so is purely a work environment away from the usual distractions encountered when working from a home office. Once we were settled with a coffee we got to work. We had a full day running through various issues, with Glenda taking me through where I was missing content on my profile along with how my Facebook posts could be improved. Firstly Glenda showed me how to save posts so I could easily relocate them at a later time and date. Glenda also showed me how to retrieve these saved posts so I could transfer them from my personal Facebook account onto my business page and share for Graphfix and all my business followers.

We also discussed the importance of telling users and potential customers all about me, as this is one of the most important factors when selling services and skills online. Glenda showed me where within the Facebook business page to add this is. I learnt that this is called your ‘story’ and Glenda said I was to add as much about myself that would explain and inform without putting in too much and boring potential customers! Glenda also said using a photograph as profile image rather than a logo is better, as it gives a more personal and human feel to my profile.

We then went on to look at Facebook reviews. I didn’t even realise that you could write reviews on Facebook! Glenda explained the importance of Facebook reviews. Once people locate your business page and see what services you offer they need the security of seeing that you are reputable and trusted before they will consider using you.  We discussed that I already had a number of ‘happy customer’ reviews published on my website at but that I would also need some customers with a Facebook profile to also write some further reviews within Facebook.

The next area we looked at was how to add in services into my business page. This was quite straightforward but again until Glenda had shown me I didn’t realise that this was possible. We discussed the service areas I could include and came up with the following list; logo design, brochure design, website design, business card design, vehicle, car & van graphics and stationery design. I had to include an image and some overview text with a price for each service.

Only then did we discuss how to reach out to potential customers and build a community. I could see that before you can do this you need have your shop front in order. We discussed how to reach potential customers via building links, sharing interesting posts and submitting to existing groups.

Thanks to Glenda I now know a lot more and can see where I can improve. Fingers crossed I will see some improvement with my Facebook presence!

Maria Amey Salons

Maria Amey Salons from Merley, near Wimborne needed a website to promote their hairdressing and beauty salon. Maria came to us with a selection of existing websites she liked and an idea of what she’d like the final site to look like. I created this layout design and presented it to Maria as a flat graphic before the site was approved and built.

The salon has a very active presence on Facebook so it was decided to include a Facebook feed to the home page to keep connected to their customers and to keep the content fresh. At a later date Maria requested for a blog to be added to the site, this was created in WordPress and linked into the main site.

website design created using DIVI WordPress theme

AMB Developments

AMB Developments are a residential development company based in Wareham, Dorset. They needed an updateable website in which to show case they’re latest developments along with advertise for land acquisition in and around Dorset. AMB can update the home page slider with photo’s of their latest developments and add pages for their latest developments in more detail.

All Plant Training

All Plant Training had an existing static website that was felt to be outdated as they were unable to make updates to the site and because it didn’t work responsively. A new website layout was designed sympathetically to their business area which is in training drivers for all types of working vehicles.

The past website used images of the vehicles in the main training environment which is generally a muddy building site. In order to make the site more visually appealing I picked images of inside the drivers cab and also created a custom footer based on the design of a dashboard.

The site also incorporates a feed of their business Facebook page which is actively updated every time a new driver qualifies so it was felt to be an important resource.

AFG Dorset

Fergus from AFG (Active Freight Group) Dorset already had an existing website but it was looking a little dated so he wanted a new site designed to bring the website more up-to-date and also so he could make periodic updates.

The existing site wasn’t responsive so a new website layout was designed and a custom theme build within WordPress so Fergus had full control of updates. The new site is also fully responsive so adjusts to work perfectly when being viewed on a mobile phone, a tablet as well as from a computer desktop. We also incorporated some nice animations with photo’s of Fergus’ fleet of vans driving onto the home page.

Broadshade Group

The Broadshade Group wanted to invest in creating a more unified identity for their existing business in the property development and supply of high quality commercial property to lease and buy market place. We created a new logo based on their company name and property supply business and from this we created this set of stationery which included the design and supply of business cards (for UK and USA), A4 letterheaded paper and compliments slips.